Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing)

Contact: Andrew Fox or Franklin Brown 843-413-2750

Very often, the difference between the successful launch of a new product and second place can depend on how quickly you can develop a product prototype to test and present. There is simply no substitute for presenting a real, physical model of a product concept. A sketch or CAD drawing cannot sell an idea or allow actual functionality testing like a 3 Dimensional part.

With the largest 3D plastic and metal prototyping tools available in the Southeast, the experienced Additive Manufacturing Center staff will work closely with you to find the best possible prototyping solution.

Imagine. Your product concept from napkin sketch to prototype in hours, not weeks!

Rapid prototyping your concepts is easy and quick. Our onsite technicians can convert your rough ideas into computer aided drawings and then to physical parts in a matter of hours in many cases. Your product designers can then use the prototype to test the parts and make adjustments before full-scale production begins.

We've invested millions in prototyping technologies so you don't have to.

Whether your need is for a simple plastic model, heat resistant nylon parts, or high-tech metals, the SiMT has the very latest solution available now. Compared to traditional molded prototype solutions, 3D printed prototypes are very cost effective. We can also produce short run production parts using our additive manufacturing processes.


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