3D/Virtual Reality Productions For Training & Presentations

Contact: David McBride   View Our Menu Of Services Wow Your Audience Or Safely Train Employees In A Virtual World.

Imagine showing prospective customers how your products can improve their lives in full animated 3D visualizations. Or safely training new employees without exposing them to a hazardous production environment.

The SiMT's 3D/Virtual Reality Studio can help you present 3D interactive simulations that can be used to create sales and marketing presentations, training applications and proof of concept with digitized product replicas that are "smart" and affordable. There are many advantages of 3D interactive mediums:
  • Make training content more memorable
  • Avoid risks of training in the actual work environment
  • Visualize engineering projects
  • Increase production uptime
  • Sell new products and new concepts
  • Convey architectural concepts
  • Correct unsafe practices
  • Increase team work performance
  • Prepare for high-risk scenarios
"We always have the latest stuff."

The SiMT continuously invests in the very latest 3D/virtual reality production solutions, ensuring that the presentations produced for you are the most realistic and immersive available anywhere. The ability to present your product, concept or work environment in an interactive virtual setting is limited only by your imagination.

The process for creating your virtual experience in three dimensions is easier than you may assume. We begin by scanning your product or work environment or work from your Computer Aided Design (CAD) files. Using this information, a virtual presentation is designed and programmed which can be used in marketing presentations, technical presentations and on-line catalogs.

A virtual picture is worth a million words.

Imagine being able to show a client a 3D virtual building design projected on the actual building site. Or being able to walk through your new factory before the foundation is laid. How much could you increase sales if you could present your product in a way that prospective customers can see it from every angle?

All this and more are possible today at the SiMT 3D/Virtual Reality Studio.

Our knowledgeable production staff provides unparalleled services to businesses, organizations, institutions, entrepreneurs, inventors and governments.

To learn more, or to discuss your project need, contact David McBride at 843-413-2735.